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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homemade Gnocchi from Scratch- 1st Attempt

Last night we made (or, at least tried to) gnocchi. The recipe is a rather easy one, and the resulting dough is very easy to knead. So, we used 1 cup of baked potatoes, that we put through a fine strainer (you can use a rice mill if you have one, the strainer part was the hardest one of the recipe), 2 cups of flour and 1egg yolk.

Mix everything together, either with your hand or with a cake spatula, so you don't get yourself dirty. The dough is a very soft one, knead it on a highly floured working board because, as you work it, you will need to incorporate more flour into it.

We stopped kneading when the dough wasn't sticking at all when worked through (it incorporated enough flour), but still had a very nice and fluffy consistency. It's not like the pasta dough, you will not get the same elastic, harder type. The resulting quantity of dough we split into 4 pieces, and rolled each one until they were about 2-3 cm thick. After that we cut the rolls in 1-2 cm pieces (you can cut into bigger pieces but we liked the smaller version better). After this we wanted to give the gnocchi its trademark stripe. You can do that by either rolling the gnocchi on the back of a fork, or just lightly pressing the fork on the gnocchi.

 It taked very little time to boil the gnocchi, about 3-4 minutes, depending on size, you need to pull them out when they start floating. So this was our attempt, hope it helps, we really liked the results and will be doing it again for sure. And next time we'll also post a very nice, easy, simple and oh so delicious sauce (also butter-licious, small spoiler there).

See you next time!

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