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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lentil Burgers Recipe/ Vegetarian Burgers + 4 Toppings

Burger recipe: I used red lentils, but you can replace those with any kind you have in the house. So, around 400 grams of lentils, 4 large eggs, a finely chopped medium onion, around 150 grams of bread crumbs, 1 tbs olive oil, salt, pepper. Boil the lentils, drain them a little and place them in a blender with the eggs, salt and pepper. After that I added the bread crumbs, until i had the desired consistency (you can always add more bread crumbs if the composition is to soft, or an egg or water if it's too hard), which should be like moist enough not to get to hard when you cook it, but firm enough to retain it's shape. It may sound tricky, it' actually very easy when you get to it. Form a couple of burger patties, honestly as thick as you like them, and cook them either in the oven (around 5-7 minutes on each side, depending on thickness) or fry them in vegetable oil until golden. This combo gives you a kind of neutral burger, so you can mix it up and use extra flavouring in the recipe (thyme, oregano, curry, chilli, whater makes you happy), but I liked like this so I can add the flavour with the other ingredients of the burger.

Tomato topping:

Grated cheese (I used grana padano, you can replace that with whatever you like, but I went Italian for this one) + tomato slices + chopped basil.

 Eggplant and Saffron Yogurt topping:

Grilled eggplant slices, guess how you do those :). For the saffron yogurt, put a quarter of a teaspoon  of saffron in 3 tbs oh hot water, let it infuse. Crush 1 clove of garlick, and put that in about 300 grams of yogurt, along side with a tablespoon olive oil, same amount lemon juice, the saffron-infused water (without the condiment), salt and pepper, and mix it up.

Sun dried Tomatoes topping:

Coat both sides of the bun with some oil from the sun dried tomatoes jar, add capers and tomatoes.

Avocado topping:

Iceberg salad + burger + onion + avocado

RO: Chiftele de linte/ Burger vegetarian cu 4 toppinguri
Burgerii: 400 gr linte, eu am folosit rosie, 4 oua mari, o ceapama mare tocata foarte marunt, 150 g pesmet, 1 lingura ulei masline, sare, piper. Lintea fiarta si scursa merge in blender cu ouale, ceapa, sare si piper, se adauga apoi pesmet, pana se obtine o consistenta dorita (se poate adauga oricum pe parcurs pesmet daca e prea moale sau apa/ oua daca e prea tare), adica destul de umeda ca sa nu se intareasca in cuptor, dar destul de tare cat sa poata fi modelata in bile. Formati astfel chiftele/ burgeri si coaceti-i in cuptor (5-7 minute pe fiecare parte) sau prajiti-i in ulei de floarea soarelui pana devin aurii. Gustul e destul de neutru, dar puteti adauga diverse arome: cimbru, oregano, chilli), eu am preferat asa pentru a putea adauga arome diferite prin celelalte ingrediente.
Topping de branza : branza rasa, gran padano + felii rosie + busuioc tocat
Topping de vanata si iaurt cu sofran: vanata la gratar + 1 catel usturoi, 300 g iaurt, 1 lg ulei masline, 1 lg suc lamaie, 3 lg de apa infuzata cu 1 lingurita sofran, sare, piper.
Topping de rosii uscate: ungeti ambele felli de chifla la interior cu ulei din borcanul de rosii uscate, adaugati capere si rosii uscate
Topping cu avocado: Salata iceberg + ceapa + avocado.


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