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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quattro Formaggi Homemade Tagliatelle

This pasta dish is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most popular ones out there. You can find so many variations, combinations or mixes that is really hard to say which one is the best or better than others. For me, this pasta is important because it goes with my culinary beliefs about recipes: they shouldn’t restrain you into using those exact ingredients (a very valid exception: cooking sweets or pastry), but rather give you some guidelines to how to get to the end result. So, in my opinion, Quattro Formaggi means choosing the types of cheese that I feel like eating and melting them in this wonderful dish. 

For the pasta, I used 2 eggs for 200 grams of white flour, resulting into 3 (rather generous) portions. As for the sauce, 200 grams of cream (15% fat), Gruyere, Cheddar, Gorgonzola (the strong taste kind, similar to roquefort) and Brie, 150 grams of each and 2 tbs of olive oil. I just heated the oil on medium heat, added the cream, brought to a simmer the added the cubed/crumbled cheese. Stir constantly until it turns into a paste and there are no more chunks. I undercooked the pasta just enough to mix it with the sauce (heat off) for 1 minute, so the result would be some al dente tagliatelle. The only spice I used was some black pepper and I garnished the plate with some parmesan crisps. Feel free to add some basil, I wish I could have, but I was out.

So, there you, super easy pasta, that you can twist and mix to your own liking, without major problems (make sure you choose a type of pasta that melts, Mozzarella is not ok for Quattro Formaggi). You can add garlic, maybe some nutmeg or you can replace the cream with a milk and flour mix, it’s all up to you, and in my opinion, that’s the beauty of this dish.


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