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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Drinks: Flavored Ice Cubes

It seems summer is all over us these days, it's getting so hot you just wanna live underwater or in a fridge.
Summer drink will help us get through though. Previously I showed you some ideas to flavor your ice cubes to get a refresing cold coffee/ mik drink. Below you have 3 alternatives for your lemonades, ice tea or fizzy water.

This time I added mint, lavender flowers and grapefruit juice.

You just have to fill an ice cube tray with water or lemonade and then add mint leaves or lavender flowers. For the pink grapefruit one, my favorite, just fill the tray with grapefruit juice with or without the pulp, however you like it.

Here is an example of some fizzy with the grapefruit cubes. You really feel like in a spa and the effort is minimum.


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