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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Drinks: Special Ice Cubes for Cold Milk/ Coffee/ Chocolate Drinks

These little cold things are meant to impress your guest, to add more style to your drinks while also chilling them, which makes them perfect for summer.

Yesterday I tried 3 versions perfect for milk or coffee based drinks and also found out how difficult it is to take pictures of ice cubes without them melting instantly :

  1. For the first one, I just prepared a hot chocolate, let it cool down and filled 3/4 of the ice cube tray, the added some marshmallow pieces. Needless to say that this will go perfectly with "hot chocolate" but also with milk if you just want to give it a subtle sweet flavour.
  2. For the second one I just pourred cold milk until I reached half of  the tray, froze it until it sets then added chocolate or cocoa milk on top then froze it again. This creates a simple, but good-looking pattern. Also, my ice tray it is not actually for cubes litterary, because the bottom is not flat. But with a normal square bottom this method will be even more effective.
  3. The last one, the chocolate chip ice cube might be a great surpirse for your guests or kids, because when it melts in your drink, you get a chocolate chip. Who doesn't love chocolate chips? Just pour some milk, sweetened or unsweetened, then add a chocolate chip on top on each cube.
Making this was a lot of fun, I think they look great and there are many more possibilities. I hope will cool you off this  summer!

Mrs. G.

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