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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whole Chicken Roasted in Roman Clay Pot

Similar to other family recipes that we posted here, this dish isn’t much of a culinary innovation as it shows one of our favorite ways of cooking simple, great tasting and good looking food to be enjoyed by a whole family. Using the clay pot to cook things is a nice touch, and we tried to use different vegetables and herbs on different occasions, but we only cooked chicken in it. 

The result is a moist, very flavorful meat, and some nice, perfectly cooked veggies. This recipe is just about going crazy with the combinations you like while using the clay pot to ensure moist cooking. Just put the pot in water (both the pot and the lid) for 15 minutes and use it. Cook the meat with the lid on to be really moist, then in the end remove the lid to create a beautiful crust. By the way, my father-in-law uses a similar pot to slow cook some more elaborate and heavy dishes, and they work out very nice: pork leg and beans, smoked pork ribs with cabbage, and they taste amazing, especially on cold winter day with some mulled wine.


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