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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thassos, Greece- Day 2

If it is just a bit cloudy you can spot the Athos Mountain from the beach
In our second day in Thassos we decided to go to the capital, Limenas or Thassos Town for some gift shopping. First we sun bathed a bit and drank our morning coffee on the beach and then got into the bus and arrived in Limenas around 2 p.m.

Limenas is a nice city and it is definitely the place to shop for gifts for your loved ones.

Nice entrance guarded by lime trees
We didn't get to do a lot of sightseeing because we were hungry and really wanted to check out the gift shop street, which turned out to be pretty big.

We had lunch at a really laid back restaurant on the shore with the traditional white and blue accents.

We had "a nice talk" with some kitties and some nice food. Mr. G. had Kleftiko, a traditional greek dish and I had some simple, fried sardines.

Kleftiko (Stolen Lamb) is made with slow-cooked lamb, sealed in a paper or foil pouch. The slow cooking and the wrapping make the meat tender and full of flavor. At this restaurant is was served with roasted potatoes and rice.

The sardines don't need many explanations, but deserve the attention because it is such a simple dish, perfect to be enjoyed at a seaside tavern.

We said goodbye to the cats and went shopping. We got some olive oil, some pine honey (people from thassos are very proud of their Thassian pine honey), some Retsina (Greek wine) and some other knick-knacks.

In a hurry to catch the last bus to Golden Beach, we took some photos of places we had to see on another day. And we actually came back in one of the next days because there was so much of the town we felt we missed.

The bus that takes you through different villages and to Limenas really comes in handy and it is affordable. For 2 Euros you can go from Golden Beach to Limenas in about 30-40 minutes. The downside is that the last bus from Limenas to Golden Beach was at around 6 p.m. so you actually have to sacrifice a day at the beach for isiting the capital.

Hope you enjoyed Day 2,

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