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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thassos, Greece- Day 3

After going to Limenas in the previous day, we decided to relax completely for one day and just enjoy the beautiful beach and the sea. We had breakfast at the villa and headed straight for the beach. We had coffee with our feet buried in sand and it was magnificent. It was a super sunny day, we got tanned and played some water tennis or whatchamacalit.

There is a reason why Golden Beach is known for one of the best beaches in Thassos if not the best.  Even if you chose a different resort at least for one day you should try the amazing sand from Golden Beach.

The sand is just perfection and the beach is quite vast.  The only downside to Golden Beach is that maybe because it wasn’t such a  popular destination until recently it is not very developed as far as shopping opportunities and nightlife goes.  

The restaurants, or better said the taverns, are great, similar to the ones in other resorts or villages.

After our first session of natural tanning we went again at Vigli, not only for the view, but this time for some quick lunch also. We chose to share a pizza at the cafĂ© bar to save some time that we would have spent waiting in the restaurant.  Everything was ok, of course we got to pet a cat after eating, I truly believe it helps with digestion, we had a beer each and headed back at the villa for a shower.  

The second part of the day we also spent at the beach until dinner time and there was no regret.

I have to say that in September, in the evening you might need a cardigan , but it was no colder than that. For dinner we went to a family tavern on the beach, but unfortunately I don’t remember the name.

We had some eggplant as a starter, fried and served with an amazing sauce, that they called garlic salad. This sauce was so amazing that it was something we had to try at home, as soon as we arrived. The eggplant was just fried and the garlic salad had Greek yogurt, olive oil, garlic, walnuts and olives or olive tapenade. Seriously now, the dip is amazing.

For the main course, I had some lobster salad, which was ok, but you can tell it wasn’t actually their specialty and my lovely husband, always craving for fresh fish had fresh tsipura on the grill.

Oh, and we drank Retsina wine which is ok, mainly because it is not that easy to find some nice wine in a casual tavern on a Greek Island. It’s fine and one good thing about it is that you can find it in restaurants in 500 ml bottles. For the rest of the vacation, retsina remained a good alternative considering that usually, when you ask for a glass of wine, you get sweet or semi-sweet wine which is not our favorite to be served during dinner.  

That was us for today.

Thank you for reading our rambling,

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