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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thassos, Greece- Day 6

After the faboulous storm from the evening before, we did not expect the beautiful weather wainting for us in the morning.

After some well-deserved sun-bathing, some tennis playing  and some goofing around in the water, we talked to each other about how this lunch should be all about fish and sea food. We remember a nice place at the limits of Skala Potamia, that we saw and that our guide talked about in our first day.

It is called Captain, it is a fish tavern and it is worth the walk. From Golden Beach you can walk on the beach until you see the restaurant. The walk was really pleasant, it was really sunny, the sea was calm. Basically, you walk from Golden Beach to Golden Beach Camp (the beach for the camping area) and then to Skala Potamia.

Captain is the 2nd or 3rd restaurant in Skala Potamia, right on the beach, so it is really easy to spot if you walk on the beach. 

The food was no dissapointment: we had some fresh tuna souvlaki, which was so good and filling. and the best grilled octopus ever.

The octopus was cooked to perfection and eating it on the beach is definetely the best way to do it.

Honestly, just take a look, this was our view while enjoying the lunch. Not to shabby! Oh, memories! 

Walking with your feet in the sand, you can also spot the differences in the resorts. While Golden Beach is best known for the fine, golden sand and wide beach, as you come close to Skala Potamia, the beach is very rocky.

In that way, the water is perfect for snorkeling, but beware of sea urchins. It is best that you buy those special shoes  before going in.

We got back to our room for a quick shower, then back to our sunbeds. At sunset, we decided to go to a little bay area we could see from the beach.

We met some adorable cats on our way and  took some more pictures.

The place was filled with fishing boats and large blocks of marble. Again, the view was amazing and I saw some mansions that made me really jealous. :)

The water was beautiful and turquoise and you could easily spot the sea urchins here.  I was actually quite curious to see one up close, without getting hurt, so, if you are as curious, here you go.

Fascinating creatures, aren't they?

After our sea urchin hunt, we got back to the room and got ready for dinner. On our way to the taverns we stopped at some really old olive tree garden for some pictures.

Of course, petting a cat is not optional on this island. Oh, and in our last days of vacation I realised I fancy taking pictures of me walking. :)

We chose a light dinner, with some vine leaves rolls, some tzatziki and an arabian salad.

The salad was amazing and huge. It had rucola, tomatoes, salad leaves, bacon, fried haloumi and pita.
It was really tasty and flavorful.

For dessert, we finally went for Greek yogurt with honey and nuts and raisins. How can something so simple be so delicious and satisfying?

They also served us some mixed pudding on the house, so ordering dessert was not such a good idea.
We are definetely getting fat on this holiday.

The beach was really stunning that evening, it was like it was compesating for the previous night.                                          

Thank you for reading,

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