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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thassos, Greece- Day 7

We have reached our last day in Thassos and I feel sad even when I am writing this, is like my vacation being over all over again.

This will be a pretty short post, because we went to Thassos City, Limenas for the second time, to be done with the shopping.

We did have  a lot more time to visit it than the previous time, so we started with shopping and then walked around and had some early dinner.

We bought some other gifts and mor of the stuff we previously liked a lot, like pine and orange honey, dried olives and some fig candy.

We relaxed a bit on a pier, also looking for a restaurant, then decided to visit the old theatre. You are supposed to climb a lot of stairs to reach it and it was pretty exhausting.

Unfortunately, on our way, we discovered a sign, saying the that the theatre could not be visited because it was being restored. Ironic, but we kept climbing hoping we would still get to see something.

We got a pretty nice view, but that was it. No ruins, no old theatre, just some heavy machines and some stay-out-signs. :)

So we got back and went to look a restaurant that we read about on most reviews about Limenas, Muses.

It turned out the restaurant was really ok, the food was good and the service, as usual, really ok.

This was the view from the tavern. The atmosphere is greek, the decor is very traditional and you have the sea so close to you. You can find Muses (or Mouses) right next to the harbour, where you take the ferry.

We had some traditional oven baked Greek meatballs with tomato sauce and a salad with peaches and sesame.

The complimentary dessert was delicious, a gorgeous chocolate cake.

By now, everything got sad. The next day, we woke up, took all our bags out and waited for a bus to take us to the ferry.

I hope you enjoyed reading our daily vacation stories, I hope you find them usefull, I do encourage everybody to visit Thassos, it was so much fun and relaxing.

Goodbye Greece....

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