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Friday, March 8, 2013

Leftovers Lunch- Fish Salad

I do not like throwing away food, so with the leftover fish  from dinner, I made a simple salad the next day, for lunch.

I only had some salad and rucola in the fridge, so that is what i added. Of course, some oil and lots of lemon.

Pranz din resturi- Salata de peste
Nu imi place sa arunc mancarea, asa ca cu pestele de la cina de aseara am facut o salata a doua zi, pentru un pranz usor.
Nu am avut decat niste salata si rucola in frigider, asa ca asta am adaugat. Bineinteles, am daugat si ulei si suc de lamaie.

Voila! xoxo

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