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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thassos, Greece- Day 4

Our fourth day in Greece is going to be all about food, so, considering the type of the blog, it should be just as the foodies like it.

Naturally, we started our day at the beach, taking advantage of such a beautiful weather.

For lunch, we came back to a tavern we already visited once. We had again some fried eggplant, so you can imagine how good it was.

To make sure we will remember that garlic salad we mentioned, we got it also as a separate dish. If you are concerned about the garlic smell, don't be. The  yogurt and the olives actually decrease the garlic flavor and make it less pungent. It is just delicious, maybe we will recreated one day on this blog.

I also had some homemade chicken soup, so soothing and comforting.

After some walking on the beach and a bit of getting to know Golden Beach better, we decided to try another nearby village for dinner.
Ever since our bus trip we had our eye on Skala Potamia, which is the closest to Golden Beach and it seemed more "alive". We had already heard of a nice restaurant there, Theagenis, which was supposed to be really easy to spot, nice food, good prices and live music. You can actually walk from Golden Beach to Skala Potamia, but we went by bus and, in 10 minutes maximum we were there.
It proved to be more developed than Golden Beach, way more shops and taverns.

We did some shopping and encountered 3 little adorable kitties (of course), walked alongside the fishing boats until we reached the pier.
We arrived at the tavern right on time for the start of the live music program, around 20:30.

The tavern is really nice, the live Greek music is the main attraction, but the food is also very tasty, the service was really good and the pricing ok, similar to other taverns on the island, that don't offer the same service.

We started our dinner with Mezes, a plate of  mixed traditional appetizers. It turned out to be a great way to get to know more about the Greek cuisine. There were some wine leaves stuffed with rice, tzatziki salad, garlic salad, fish roe salad, eggplant salad, and some sort of a potato salad. Everything was delicious.

For the main course, I went for red mullet, but I was surprised to find lots of tiny fishes on my plate instead of one bigger piece. The dish itself was very tasty, I must say. As we got used to by now, in most Greek taverns, they give you really big servings.

Talking about big servings, Mr. G. ordered a lamb stifado and got more that he thought. It was actually a leg of lamb on a plate. It turned out to be delicious, Greek lamb stifado is a sort of lamb stew with small, whole shallots, tomatoes and served with potatoes and rice.

Besides the big serving something else is a tradition in Thassos, you always get a complimentary (usually sweet) treat, at the end of the meal, before they bring you the check. It is not much, usually some ice cream, small piece of cake, but it always puts a smile on your face. At Theagenis it was baclava.

We walked back to the villa after dinner. We tried to walk on the beach as much as we could, but being really dark and not knowing the way at all we feared that there might be a dead end somewhere so we got back on the main street. We also spotted Captain, a restaurant that serves great sea food, that our guide recommended in Skala Potamia.

There you go,  a day filled with sun, sand, water and great food.


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